Results Based, Personalized Lessons for you and your dog - taught online

A good dog trainer is good at training dogs. A Great dog trainer is good at training people. 


There may be a few reasons why your dog doesn't listen to you the way you'd like them to. But when you try to Google your problem you are left feeling more confused than when you started! And in an unregulated industry, your local neighborhood dog trainer might not leave you feeling any better... and big cheap group classes just don't give you the attention you need and deserve. 

That's why if you work with me, it's One-on-One. I'll help you and your family better understand your dog's needs and help you teach your dog that you have needs too ;) 

I've been training in a One-On-One format for years but once the Covid-19 pandemic hit I started teaching these lessons strictly online—and it's been amazing!


We meet via Zoom for an hour+- lesson, once a week, for 6-8 weeks. I say 6-8 because working with me is results-based so there is no rush if you struggle a little. 

During these lessons, I teach you how to train your dog for the most important behaviours (Come when called, Leash walking without pulling, Focused attention on you, Boundary training, Stay, and a few other essentials.)


We will also address your specific concerns and work towards solving any frustrations you might have like Excessive barking or Leash reactivity. Your pup is present too as you'll put into practice what you're learning in real-time (after I show you how to do it, of course.)

In between the sessions, we're in touch to make sure you're on track to reach your goals. You can also send me videos and I'll give you feedback so you become a pro in no time!


Once the sessions are completed, you're not left hanging! You have access to me for ongoing support for the LIFETIME of the dog. :)

Packages start at $1800