A Dog Trainer at Your Convenience

Bonjour Everybody!

If you're reading this, you're either:

1) thinking about bringing a dog into your life;

2) have recently brought a dog into your life;

3) or are wondering why the heck you ever thought about bringing a dog into your life.

The last might mean things are not going how you thought they would.

In any of these cases, the secret to a happy relationship is to realize that it's a two way avenue. In other words, the dog has a life, too - and he/she is letting you into it. And please note - you had more choice in the matter than

he or she did. #truth

So you're a duo. But perhaps you need to make it a trio. No, we're not talking about a third dog. I repeat, we are NOT talking about getting a third dog. 🛑 We're talking about a dog trainer!!

Bringing a dog trainer into your life is usually the best thing you can do, especially when said dog and said owner are not seeing eye to eye. And what could be better than a dog trainer who is available 24/7- ready to meet you at your convenience, according to your schedule and at your own place? If that sounds good to you, you've met your dog trainer. You've met me. TAA-DAA! So how about some introductions? :)

I'm Evan Doggett and I've been working with dogs all my life, even if it was play in my childhood. As my life progressed, the more time I spent with dogs, the more I knew there was a deeper connection to them than companionship. Even when I went on to University (not to study dog training), I knew I wanted dogs to be part of my future. So I worked with dogs in many capacities (dog walking, grooming, boarding, etc.) and came to realize that dog training was my calling. After traveling North America to learn all I could from dog training masters like Cesar Milan "the Dog Whisperer," and purely positive trainers, I came up with my own style of dog training - the Doggett Style method.

How is it different? We look at the dog and person-dog relationship as a whole, working on the 7 Elements of a dog's life rather than just obedience.

Getting back to my bio, after years of doing in-person lessons, training people to train their dogs, I came to the realization that we don't need to be in the same room to get the dog, and you, trained.

Actually, training in person can slow down the process because the dog is distracted in the new environment and you are distracted by your dog (and you rely on me to step in, act and/or intervene!!) So what's better? The Doggett Style 7 Elements Online Course. 🎉

In it, you'll learn the 7 Elements of my method - Health, Play, Leadership, Obedience, Raising a Puppy or Rescue Dog, Dealing with Unwanted Behaviors, and Body Language (Social Skills.) The course is comprehensive, affordable and self-paced. All lessons are quick (under 15 mins), easy to digest and applicable right away.

Once you sign up, you have access to the content forever- AND you'll be added to our Private Facebook Group- The Pack.

If you prefer a more personalized approach, you're in luck. ;) I also offer one-on-one training sessions via Zoom! It gives us the same personalized and focused "private lessons experience" without the distraction or commute! Check it out here: https://www.doggettstyle.com/one-on-one

Not sure? Here's what Meg had to say about it:

"I participated in an online training course with Evan and really enjoyed it. He is very informative, passionate about what he does, and always engaging. I am impressed by Evan's expertise and will be recommending his services to everyone I know!"

Ready to have FUN training your dog? Follow our FB Page for tons of free Tips and Tricks, weekly Live Q&A's and lots of giveaways! Can't wait to meet you!  And know that you're loved!  😘 Have questions? Email me at evan@doggettstyle.com


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