Training a Puppy!!! 🐶

Ask any early childhood educator and they'll tell you a young child's mind is like a sponge. That's also true of PUPPIES!!

They are constantly learning how the world around them works. So how can you make the best use of this exceptional learning period? By teaching them what you want them to do rather than letting them learn something... only to have to undo/replace that behaviour later on!

As the saying goes: " it is much easier to learn than to unlearn. "

For our dogs, this translates to: it is much easier to train than to untrain.

Raising a puppy well, from the get go, (aka, starting puppy obedience at an early age) is a huge time and energy saver (and who doesn't want more time and energy?!) Showing your puppy what behavior is wanted while steering her/him away from that which is not wanted, will reduce the amount of "misbehaviors" s/he may try out in the future.

Once again, it's easier to learn than to unlearn- and once a behaviour is learned and ingrained, your dog will naturally default to it. Thus the importance of reinforcing the RIGHT behaviours!

Now, you may have already started the basics of puppy training and that’s awesome! Perhaps you’ve started encouraging them to pee outside rather than on the living-room rug. Maybe you're also working on "Sit and Come." Great! Another high-five!! 🥳

But this is only the beginning. Now is the perfect time to kick it up a notch! It's time to venture into Puppy Obedience Training!

However, before you go out and enroll in a Group Puppy Obedience Class (*see note at end of post*) or start trying to "make your puppy listen," it's important to realize that there is more to a puppy's life than Obedience. You and I both want your puppy to be a happy, healthy, well-balanced member of society and the family.

That's why, if you train your puppy the Doggettstyle way, you'll learn about Desensitizing your pup to the world so they will be confident in new situations and environments. 💪

We also cover different ways you can Socialize, Prevent and Intervene in the formation of "bad behaviours" like Resource Guarding. Of course, we also cover all the typical Puppy Jumping, Nipping, Mouthing and Barking issues (all under the Puppy Section of the 7 Elements Course.) :)

It's true that puppy training requires a lot of gentle patience. And while it can be tedious, frustrating and irritating/annoying for both you and your puppy, it doesn't have to be that way! Actually, we created our Puppy Training Method to be just the opposite! 😃

It's purposefully designed to be a FUN adventure for both of you rather than a cut and dry lesson in puppy obedience (aka, the type of puppy training you might experience in a group training lesson.**)

Whether you train your puppy with our online course or with a Private Zoom Puppy Lesson (just you, me and your pup), the Doggettstyle approach will:

1. Enrich your bonding experience (Learn how to make an offer your pup can't refuse vs a command that creates opposition);

2. Explain/clarify canine communication (so you can actually understand each other!) and;

3. Define realistic expectations for you to work towards and reduce frustrations for everyone (and every canine) involved. Woof!

You'll even get some worksheets to set appropriate goals and track your progress! 🙌

So what are you waiting for? I'll be waiting for you in the course! 😘

Want to see me train a puppy? Click here!

**A note on Group Puppy Classes- while they are fantastic for socializing- they are not that great for obedience. The most conducive environment for easy and effective obedience training (aka- learning and fun!) is at home, where there's no unfamiliar noises, no distractions (smells, new environment, people, treats, etc.), and no temptation to play with other puppies instead of paying attention or learning commands (aka- bonding!) with you.

Bonus: PJ's are totally appropriate for this kind of training. 😉


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